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"I just came back from Chicago and tasted Giordano's, Due's and Gino's East deep dish pizza...and I can tell you that Masa Chicago Deep Dish is the Real Deal!!!"" Jihad Shakoor - Los Angeles [more...]

Wines By The Carafe

Masa's House Chianti or White

Full Litre  15.95
Half Litre   8.95
By the Glass   4.50 

Wines By The Bottle

Pinot Noir

Irony Vineyards, 2012, Monterey County
Aromas of black cherry, sweet plum, cocoa & violet. Supple tannins & balanced acidity with sweet, lush fruit flavors & hints of almond 32

Domain Carneros

Tattinger, 2009 For your special occasion...or just because! 55

Wines By The Bottle & Glass

Pinot Grigio

Campagnola Vineyards, 2013, Veneto, Italy
Elegant, clean & intense aroma, dry flavor with green apple 5.50/24


Bella Sera Vineyards, 2013, Puglia, Italy
Sweet honeysuckle, ripe peach & apricot with a hint of citrus - sweet & refreshing! 5.50/24


Cycles Gladiator Vineyards, 2012, Santa Rosa, California
Ripe pear, bright green apple and clean citrus, subtle oak with a wisp of vanilla 6.50/29

White Riesling

Bonterra Organic Vineyards, 2010, Mendocino County (Certified Organic - pioneers in organic grape growing since 1987)
White flowers, apple, pear, peach, honey & clover - crisp acidity & subtle sweetness 6.50/25

Pinot Noir

Cycles Gladiator Vineyards, 2012, Santa Rosa, California
Raspberry & cloves, rare acidity & pomegranates 6.50/29

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cycles Gladiator Vineyards, 2012, Santa Rosa, California
Mocha & herbs, raspberry, cherry, sweet wood & pepper 6.50/29


Leval, 2013, Languedoc-Rousillon, France

Violet, blackberry & spicy overtones 5.50/25


Castle Rock Winery, 2010, Columbus Valley, Washington
Ruby red, balanced & spicy with dark, ripe fruits, smoke & black pepper 5.50/24

Wines By The Glass

Masa House White

Masa's House Wine by the Glass 4.50

Masa House Chianti

Masa's House Wine by the Glass 4.50

House Champagne

our house champagne 5.50


House champagne & Odwalla orange juice 5.95


House champagne & cranberry juice 5.95

Kir Royale

House champagne, a splash of black currant & a twist of lemon 5.75